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Paralelly to regular online lessons, we proposed new type of webinars - THEMATIC COURSES. Each course offers a comprehensive series of complementary topics. Each course: ("Engineering ad technology", "The Arctic, people's land", "Secrets of glacieres", "Citizen science") has a set day of week and hour, in order to facilitate including our lessons into school practice, also within curriculum. Check each thematic course for full programme with dates and topics. From technical point of view, they're the same as regular lessons - the process of enrolment, participation, evaluation and EDU-GAME points are exactly the same, and the same rules are applied.

Thematic courses allow you to better prepare yourself and choose lessons in advance; also, they facilitate working with the same group (a class, science club etc.) through the whole topic.

Lessons cathegorized to thematic courses are marked in yellow in calendar.

  • Engineering and technology (Tuesdays, 11:00 UTC) is dedicated to modern techniques of scientific research and environment management
  • The Arctic, people's land (Thursdays, 9:00 UTC) – focuses on social issues, indigenous people, economy, history of exploration and other ‘human’ aspects of region
  • Mistery of glaciers (Wednesdays, 11:00 UTC)  - covers all information about how glaciers are formed, their importance and dynamics.
  • Citizen science (Tuesdays, 07:00 UTC) - nature observations, Monitoring system (starting: spring semester)

We also proposed 2 Polish versions of thematic courses - proponujemy polskojęzyczne wersje 2 kursów:

  • Arktyka, kraina ludzi (czwartki, 13:00 czasu polskiego)
  • Tajemnice lodowców (piątki, 10:00 czasu polskiego)

A new course is dedicated to research conducted at the INTERACT stations.

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