Teacher Workshop and Training Sessions

Teacher Workshop and Training Sessions - How does it works?

Dear teachers,
the EDU-ARCTIC team had the pleasure to invite teachers from schools registered on the portal to submit their application for participation in one of the three Educators’ Fora. These workshops were dedicated to schools and teachers from different parts of Europe (teachers form western and southern Europe met in France (Paris), teachers from central and eastern Europe in Poland (Warsaw) and from northern Europe in Norway (Oslo Gardemoen)).

Each Forum provided methodology training sessions for teachers and educators coupled to theoretical didactical themes. Meetings were mainly conducted in the form of active workshops offering:

•    to give information about the project and its possibilities
•    to train teachers how to use the project effectively
•    to become familiar with the portal, polar research, and earth sciences issues
•    to provide expert knowledge enabling teachers to feel more comfortable in a particular field and to prepare lessons on the subject with bigger self-confidence
•    to provide additional educational and promotional materials

One of the objectives of the workshops was to prepare teachers to their new role as ambassadors of the project in their countries. Teachers were encouraged to become local leaders/ambassadors of the project and distribute information about the project in their countries to enhance the educational program’s audience. Another major objective of the workshops consisted in gathering teachers’ and educators’ opinions on the proposed program and their recommendations for improvements of solutions and functionalities or topics that could be introduced within the project in order to adjust the program to users’ needs and organisational conditions.